Mar 052012

The ISS Expo is fast approaching, and for those of you attending, there is a four-hour, intensive workshop called Legal Learning Live. It requires a separate registration fee, but I think it’s well worth the investment. During the session, we’ll take apart lien-sale requirements and thoughts before proceeding to sale, the special requirements/considerations of vehicle storage, special issues such as abandonment, facility rules and regulations, and so much more.

The reason I’m mentioning Legal Learning Live here is twofold.  First, if you’re thinking about registering, the workshop is almost at capacity. I would not want you to get to Vegas, planning to attend, and then not be able get in or receive a copy of the valuable seminar manual, which includes forms and documents I charge clients well in excess of the seminar cost to receive. So if you’re thinking about attending, sign up soon!

Second, we’re looking at whether self-storage owners and managers would be interested in an all-day legal class that would be scheduled to take place in a few U.S. cities, separate from the expo. Let me know your thoughts. How far would you travel from your location for a one-day, “heavy duty” legal seminar with me? Would you close your facilty for the day if that’s what it took to attend? If you’re a self-storage owner, would you bring your manager?  What do you think is a fair price for such an event?  Have I missed the mark … Is this even something the industry wants? You can let me know by responding to the blog post below. I appreciate your feedback.

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