Jun 172024

Governor Kelly recently signed a bill to modernize the Kansas Self Storage Facility Act.  Please note, these changes take effect on July 1, 2024.  

There are two changes of note.  The first is to recognize the effectiveness of Rental Agreements when not delivered by you or when delivered to an  Occupant, but not signed by the Occupant, if the Occupant pays rent or takes  possession of the Leased Space.   You will need to speak to your local  attorney about how to incorporate this language and these changes properly  into your Rental Agreement to make this change effective. 

The second change addresses primarily to recognize abandoned property in  limited circumstances at the end of a Rental agreement where agreements were terminated or not renewed for reasons other than nonpayment of  rent.  

As always, it is always necessary to check with your local attorney to  understand how these changes affect your operations and Rental Agreement  and not rely strictly on this posting.   

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