Jun 192024

Governor Kemp recently signed an Act that modernizes the self-storage Act in Georgia, which goes into effect on July 1, 2024.  

There are two main components to this modernization.  The first recognizes that Rental Agreements can be delivered electronically and if not signed by  the Occupant within Fourteen (14) days after delivery that the Rental  Agreement becomes enforceable as if signed.  However, there is language  that you must add to your Rental Agreement according to the Statute to make this change effective.  

The second change addresses your ability to terminate or non-renew an  Occupant with not less than Fourteen (14) days notice, which would then,  after the expiration of that notice, allow you to dispose of any personal  property remaining without the necessity of an eviction or sale.   

As always, it is always necessary to check with your local attorney to  understand how these changes affect your operations and Rental Agreement  and not rely strictly on this posting.

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