Nov 092012

Late2Lein: Default Notice Compliance and AutomationI am so pleased and so proud to announce that my newest venture, Late2Lien ( finally went “live”.

For those of you who do not know, Late2Lien is a combination of automation and compliance for default notices in the self-storage industry.  Simply put, the system monitors your delinquency list, when someone becomes the number of days delinquent you tell us to watch for, Late2Lien will take the necessary information out of your software and begin sending late notices (mail, email, or both) and then, based upon state requirements and your proposed sale date will complete and properly send all notices required by statute, the software will check for military status (assuming you have a Social Security number).  Late2Lien will keep track of all returns and proof of mailings, and will even “scrub” the Post Office database for better addresses.  Once it is all done, you can even have Late2Lien place your sale advertisements for you, if it is required in your State.  All of the information is kept on-line for you or your auctioneer to review before sale and we will keep it on line for 7 years if you sell the unit, so you have all the information handy later if you misplace you files.

The object of Late2Lien is to take the biggest pain point with the most exposure for liability away from your manager who may not really know how to prepare for a lien sale or may simply be better engaged doing what he or she does best, which is marketing and renting units.  Late2Lien saves drives to the post office, hold times with newspapers  and keeps all the records in one simple easy to find “lien booklet” specifically prepared for that tenant at that facility, which you can see by logging into yourLate2Lien dashboard.  No longer do you have to worry about keeping track of days late, next steps, returned mail, advertisement tear sheets, and all the other nightmares that go along with preparing for a sale. The best part is the service is automatic, we poll your management software and when someone is the right number of days late, Late2Lien takes over the process without re-typing information into a spreadsheet.  Late2Lien will also let you know if there are snags along the way, if you forgot to enter an alternate contact, if there is a better address, or if it needs a unit inventory.  Perhaps best of all, the service is on a per default basis and is really affordable.

For those that know me well, you know this has been a long process, originally I was hired to draft the forms and protocols and another company was going to handle all the printing, management and sales.  Unfortunately, it did not work out as planned and I bought the company to try to recover all my invested time and energy in developing a 49 state compliance library.  I found some great people to help me bring this dream back to a reality.  While I never planned to own another business, that is simply where I found I had to be to make this great product a reality.

Please give Late2Lien a look, and if you don’t mind, if you like what you see, spread the word, we are a grassroots business so advertising purchases are going to be limited, for a while.  Please e-mail me at if you have questions.

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  1. Sounds like a handy tool. Does it work with most management systems? How about SiteLink?

    • Brian,

      Late2Lien really is an awesome tool and I am happy to set up a demo with our sales person if you wan to see it run. Late2Lien currently only works with SiteLink and Sentinel’s WinSen without a special work around tool, but we are adding other management software as fast as we can.

      Thanks for your positive comment and interest,
      Jeff Greenberger

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  3. Really great tool ! Late2Lien takes over the process without re-typing information into a spreadsheet.

    • I’m really quite interested in finding out more about the opportunities with this here. Just by hearing that they can help us to track overdue customers and the like, I’m all ears. Do they have a website I can do a little bit of reading at first before I meet up with any sales representative? I’d love to have this implemented in a self storage facility.

  4. Maybe you can share a little bit more also about how servicing of the program will work? Will there be tutorials for my guys at the Storage Facility? Is it gonna take a while to learn and will there be on-going help with the programme once it’s installed on our system?

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