Dec 272013

As the year comes to an end, I wanted to give all of you a quick, end of year wrap-up regarding self-storage statutes.

First and most importantly for Oregon operators, your new law goes into effect on January 1, 2014.  Please make sure that if you want to act under the new law that default notices are not served until after the First of January.  If any of our Oregon facilities need assistance, or this is news to you, please call me.  If we prepared your rental agreement recently, little or no changes need to be made unless you want to raise your late fee in 2014, but I am happy to discuss it with you.  The main changes consist of a new reasonable late fee, a change in the way default notices can be sent, which in some circumstances may include email notice, allowing for online auctions, and for towing of vehicles and vessels in default rather than trying to sell them.

Statutes also changed in Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina and Utah this year.  A busy legislative year indeed.  Certainly the National SSA should be commended for its active legislative efforts this year.  Not all changes benefit every operator, business, and occupant, but modernization in general creates efficiencies and reduces overall costs that must be passed on to the occupant in a default.

If any of these statute modifications are news to any of our clients in these states, please call me to discuss what changes have occurred and if your rental agreement needs to be modified.

I do not think I can even list all the cities I have visited this year to help educate our owners and operators, so I will not even try.  I will be back on the road probably starting in California again in February with a new manager Bootcamp program, more details to follow after the first of the year so stay tuned.

Late2Lien will hopefully continue to grow and improve in 2014. I have tried to ask operators that I know to take a look at it as a way to automate late and lien notices. If I missed you this year, please take a look at or call me for a short demo. It is cool, smart, and affordable.

The next place to “see” me is on Twitter, I will be a guest presenter on #Storchat on January 8, 2014.  Tune in or whatever you do to watch and participate on Twitter, I hope many of you join as it is another great opportunity to share ideas with other owners and managers in our industry.

I am as always, genuinely grateful for the opportunity self-storage has afforded me in my practice and in my life.  You are truly generous and kind people and despite the publicity, you provide a wonderful service to those who need it, quickly and efficiently.  I am proud that you have allowed my into your inner circle and I value the relationships with owners, managers, and vendors within the industry who I happily call friends.

Please accept my heartfelt wishes for a happy holiday season and have healthy and happy New Year.


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  1. As the industry mature, there are more and more rules and regulation from the government. We self-storage owner need to keep track with industrial news so that we won’t get into trouble because of ignorance!!

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