Jul 312021

The Minnesota Self Storage Statute has been updated and these changes are effective August 1,
2021. Do not make any changes, do not act on changes until they are effective on the date stated

The changes focus on several areas. The Statute changes what property certain occupants can
remove from this storage unit, once they are in default and overlocked. (Remember that overlock
can only occur after a certain amount of time and notice is given). With the change in Statute,
only people entitled to remove personal property from the storage unit are those who meet the
definition of “persons who receive relief based on need”, including those who provide
documentation from a governmental or nonprofit agency, legal aid or legal aid office that the
Occupant is a recipient of relief based on need, is eligible for legal services, or is a survivor of
domestic violence or sexual assault. However, the value limitation on what may be removed has
been increased from $50.00 to $125.00.00. The new bill also provides that you may clearly evict
an Occupant for any reason of default, including reasons other than for nonpayment of rent.
Previously, it had been questioned whether or not evictions were permitted of Occupants in self
storage units. The bill clarified newspaper advertising to require only a “general description” of
the Occupant’s stored property and clarified that the notice of default is a one notice process, not

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