May 152023

Governor Holcomb signed a Bill at the end of April 2023, to make some significant changes to the Indiana Self-Service Storage Facility Act. Please note these changes do not go into effect
until July 1, 2023. Do not act on these changes until that time.

There are four changes contained in the updated Act.

  1. The date you will be able to deny access in default is now Five (5) continuous days after default or Day 6. This has changed from Day 30.
  2. The amount of time in total the default process must run before you can sell has been changed to 60 days late. This has previously been 90 days late. Changes will need to be made to the timing and the language of your lien sale notice in order to accomplish this change under the law.
  3. Your Rental Agreement must now include space for the Renter to designate an Alternate Contact to receive notices required by the Act. While the failure or Refusal of the Renter to designate an Alternate Contact does not affect any rights or remedies you have, the Rental Agreement must now provide space for this designation and any that are provided must receive any default notice if you are going to send one as provided by the Act.
  4. Trailers were added to the list of vehicle that are recognized as towable under the Indiana Act.

Please do not make changes to your Rental Agreements or procedures without consulting with your attorney. There are changes that need to be made to your Rental Agreement and lien sale
procedures in order to enjoy and properly comply with the benefits of this revised Statute. Begin making those changes so they are ready to go by July 1, but do not change the timing of your
sale processes, until after July 1, 2023.

Congratulations to the Indiana and National Self Storage Associations for making these significant changes to the Act.

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